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Steering box upgrade
Part No RGC 005
Steering box upgrade for XK 120 and Mk VII. The steering box on the Jaguar XK 120 and Mk VII suffers from a significant design fault and this fault causes 2 problems in the steering box in practise. The problem is that the box in standard design creates huge point loadings of ball bearings on hardened surfaces. The worm gear is located in the steering box by ball bearings running directly onto hardened washers and these invariably become damaged and pitted and the recirculating ball bearings in the drive nut damage and pit the convex surface of the worm itself. The pitting of both the locating bearings and the drive nut bearings causes very noticeable notchiness in the steering of these cars. Once this notchiness is apparent there is nothing that can be done other to rebuild the steering box correctly. Racing Green Cars rebuild and upgrade these steering boxes with significant bearing modifications to ensure that the steering box can be set up with a correct amount of preload on the worm gear to ensure its accurate location whilst not allowing these locating bearings to become damaged. Racing Green Cars can rebuild and upgrade the steering box of either the XK 120 or the Mk VII in either left or right hand drive to the highest of standards but the steering box has to be cut off the worm gear at the welded joint to allow the steering box to be fully dismantled and the relevant machining done to the worm gear. The manner in which the modification is carried out gives significant long term benefits and totally removes 2 sets of ball races from the steering box whilst increasing both the load capacity of the box and and removing the point contact approach. The result is a very smooth and accurate steering box which is a joy to use and noticeably eases steering these cars at all speeds.


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